Wave Plus - Comparing the Performance of your Wave Plus with a Professional Device

The Wave Plus - and in fact, all our homeowner product line - are designed for domestic use. Simply put, they are designed, made and sold with the long-term average in mind. On the other hand, professional devices are usually equipped so that they can perform a very high number of counts per hour. An example is our Corentium Pro; which is a continuous radon monitor that does exactly that - and is equipped with 4 sensors working in parallel.

Now, in line with average consumer usage, this is not necessary as long as the device collects enough data points: since the measurement is fundamentally an average of the amount of the Rn222 alpha particles present in all the samples of air collected by the sensor, this means that the longer the measurement, the more data points, the more accurate the readings become. Here at Airthings, we usually recommend measuring for as long as possible.

Let's take in a month as an example; wherein you have probably gone through a wide-enough range of temperatures, humidity levels, a few days of rain, etc. In line with this, your device has gathered enough Radon data to start indicating a pattern in which the average calculated/shown will eventually settle on a reference level.

However, there is a caveat here: one month is enough to have a good first indication of whether your Radon levels are directionally right. However, this isn't enough to give you the full picture - as you do not have enough data to understand your overall long-term exposure to radon - which is all that matters, in the end. In fact, this is why in Norway, for example, measurements usually last 3 months and are done during the winter season, when radon levels tend to be higher.

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