Adding a logo and or backdrop to a App report



  • Take an image/logo that is saved on your device
    • In iOS that will be in photos
    • In Android that will be in photos, file manager, Cloud, etc.
  • Go to Profile and Settings
    • The 3 bars in iOS
    • The 3 dots in Android
  • Scroll and go to Change Logo
  • As see in the sample report in image 2, your logo will appear on the top right corner. It will automatically repeat on every page.

image 1

image 2


ADDING A backdrop

You design the backdrop on your computer and the possibilities are endless. You can create:

  • Combination of a Header & Footer – image 4
  • Header alone
  • Footer alone
  • A watermark in the middle of the report

image 3

image 4

Creating the backdrop

To design the backdrop, you may use basic word processing software such as MSWord, Open Office, Pages, etc. The important part is to have a white background and then do a screenshot of it. When creating it, keep image 4 as a reference point since it displays where the text and tables are situated in respect to the backdrop and logo.

Header/Footer Combination, see image 5

Here are the steps:

  • Open the software.
  • Image 5 is an example. When you are done with your design, you will do a screen shot of your document.
  • Go to View, then Zoom, then Whole page. Use one of the above-mentioned cropping tools to crop the entire rectangular white page. Save the word document as you might need to go back later and make some readjustments to the layout to fit the report.
    • In Windows you may use a cropping tool as Snipping tool
    • Save what you cropped either as PNG or JPEG. This will now become an image.
  • On a Mac:
    • Press COMMAND+SHIFT+4 simultaneously to snip a specific area of the screen to the Desktop. When the cursor changes to a cross +, drag a box around the section you want to copy and release the mouse
    • The Grab option in the Utilities folder provides more extensive options for saving screen snapshots. 
    • Save what you cropped either as either PNG or JPEG. This will now become an image.
  • The next step will be to get the image/backdrop to your phone or tablet.
    • Save the image to your CLOUD, DROPBOX, etc. or email it to yourself. If you email the image, save it on your device (photos).
  • Go to Profile and Settings
    • The 3 bars in iOS
    • The 3 dots in Android
  • Scroll and go to Report Backdrop Image and then Change Image
  • Select the image that you saved.
  • You will most probably need to play around with it and go back to the original document until you are happy with the look and layout of your report.
  • For 3-pages App reports, you should not add a footer as it will overlap with the graph on page 3. Use footers only for 1 page or 2 pages reports.

image 5



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