Home: What does the different values indicate?

The Corentium Home displays 3 different values


Long Term Average:

The long term average is the value displayed in the middle of the upper part of the display. This is an average calculation of all readings your unit has performed since the last reset. This value is updated once every day.


Short Term Average:

The short term average is indicated through two different values:

- A one day average

- A seven day (weekly) average


The 1 day average (1 day):

This value is a moving average of your last 24 hours samples. Meaning that the 1 day value is updated every hour to include only the last 24 measurement samples. 

When you have performed a measurement for one week, the short term average alternates between displaying a (1 day) and (7day) average. 


On the picture below, you can see the 1 day average displayed in pC/L on the Home US version.03_HOME_Background_Shadow.jpg

The seven day average (7 days):

The weekly average is an average of all samples performed during the last 7 days, this average is updated once a day.


On the picture below, you can see the 7 day average displayed in Bq/m3 on the Home International version.


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