How Do I create an Account?

In order to create a profile that your Wave device can connect to, you need to:

1) open your Airthings app on your iPhone,
2) tap your finger on the "Don't have an account? Sign Up" link at the bottom of the home screen. Please do not try to log in with the credentials you created (they are valid for purchasing products on our website, but not for managing your Wave): all you need to do is tap on "Sign Up" to create a new account;
3) You should see something like this:

4) You can have your name, type your email address and choose a password;
5) the password must:

  • be 8 characters long,
  • have at least one capital letter
  • have at least one number

So, for example, the password Airthings1 would eventually work, as it is long enough, it has one capital letter and a number.
6) You have now created a new profile. You should receive an email on your email address with a confirmation code. Check your email and retrieve this confirmation code so that you can confirm your identity.
7) Now you can pair the device with your app. To add your device, knock gently on your Wave: a blue ring will appear. On your phone screen, you will see the device appear: tap on the blue button "Connect".
8) You can choose to set your location to improve the accuracy of the readings and then select the room where you will be measuring radon (you can always change it later!).

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