How can I generate a report with my Corentium Home?

For those who have performed a measurement with a Corentium Home monitor, Corentium offers a free online reporting solution for those who need to generate a report.

You can find it here:


All you need to have in order to correctly generate a report is:

  1. a measurement period of at least 5 days. Shorter measurements do not generate a report;
  2. the serial number (S/N) of your monitor;
  3. the 4-digit code that you can retrieve by clicking on the MODE button for 2 times. This is important: this code is unique and directly related to both the Radon levels you enter in the online form and the length of your measurement. Please make sure to enter this code correctly, otherwise a report cannot be generated.

Once you have entered this information correctly, together with your contact details and the information regarding the building where you performed your measurement, you can quickly generate your report.

The report is generated instantly and sent to the email address you have provided.

Let us know how it goes!


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