Basic Troubleshooting for the Wave

Every time you encounter an issue with one of our products, or you simply have a question or a doubt, let us know: we are happy to help!

If you experiencing slow syncing or connectivity issues with your Wave, let us know at While waiting for our support team to get back to you, you can also follow these instructions to try and figure out where the problem lies.

Note: we strongly encourage you to sync your device with your smartphone or tablet before you try the procedure below, as it might result in losing the data that has not been synced.

Try to sync between each step. If at any point during this troubleshooting the device seems to operate properly, stop! Then tell us after which step it started working. Here it goes:

    1. Restart your app.

    2. Delete your app.

    3. Reboot your phone.

    4. Install the app again from the iTunes / PlayStore.

    5. Look for any available firmware updates in the app. If there is one, do the update, then restart the app.

    6. Take out the batteries of the device and wait 30 minutes.

    7. After 30 minutes, reinsert the batteries. Now, you will have to wait for 1 hour before you can sync to the device again.

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