Is the Wave certified by AARST/NRPP?

The Wave is not a certified device, in the sense that you cannot use it for a two-day test: it doesn't meet the criteria set by the AARST/NRPP.

This is a specific choice: our Airthings Wave is designed, made and sold with the purpose of monitoring your long-term exposure to Radon. Being able to monitor your radon levels continuously gives you a much better understanding of how much you are exposed, and what your risks are, compared to a two-day test.

Radon fluctuates a lot even throughout the day, from building to building in the same area, and even from room to room in a house. This means that only way for you to know if radon is a real threat is to have a detector that continuously monitors your radon levels, and helps you make sense of these inevitable fluctuations.

Our Airthings Wave is designed to offer accuracy, durability and reliability (its expected lifetime is 10 years, like a smoke detector) over short-term performance, necessary for the AARST/NRPP certification.

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