Wave: Syncing issues / not able to pair to unit or sync with Bluetooth

Are you experiencing syncing issues with your Wave? In some very rare case, some extra steps are required to sync or pair the monitor. App updates are continuously improving syncing functionality. 

Meanwhile, here are some troubleshooting tips that may help:


Try to pair or sync the device after each step. If at any point during this troubleshooting the device seems to operate properly, stop! Do NOT continue down the list if things are working after a step. Here goes:

Before troubleshooting: Is there a new Firmware or app version for the Wave? Try to update to the latest Firmware and see if it helps.

1. Switch Bluetooth off. Then switch it on again and try to sync.

2. Restart your app. If you are on iOS, hold the home button, swipe up on the app and relaunch it.
2. Restart your app. If you are on Android. Don't just close it by going to the home screen, but do this instead: 
3. Reboot your phone.


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