Mounting Tips and Where To Place My Wave


- Unit can be mounted on the wall or laid flat on a table top or other surface.

- Place at approximate breathing height

- Preferably where you spend a lot of your time

- Place where it cannot easily be tampered with (pushed/moved/damaged)

- Place as far away from windows, direct sunlight and ventilation systems as possible

- Not in too humid environments, see article

- Keep in mind the distance the waving feature works is about 25 cm (10 inches), so it is good to place it somewhere within reach


How to perform your measurements

We strongly advise:

- Resetting the monitor when starting a new measurement

- Not moving the monitor while performing a measurement

- Measuring for at least 30 days


How to mount on the wall:

1) Remove the magnetic mounting plate from the back the Wave.

2) Place the screw inside the hole in the mounting plate, so that the head of the screw can be seen in the middle of the metallic circle.

3) Use a screwdriver or power drill to place the screw in the wall where you would like to place your unit. Make sure its screwed straight (perpendicularly) against the wall. (make sure to use appropriate screws, the one that comes with the Wave is for wood or concrete walls).

4) Simply snap the unit in place thanks to the magnetic mounting plate and rotate it into position.





If you experience any issues or if you have any questions, please send us an email at:

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