Wave: What Does the Colors in the Light Ring Mean?

The Wave has a light ring that functions as a visual indication of your radon levels. It also tells you what stage you are at during the setup process. There are six different statuses that can be communicated through the light ring. The table below provides an explanation for each of them.


The blue light is used to display Bluetooth status  When it is spinning, the device is ready for pairing and it will stay in that mode for 1 minute. Knock gently on the detector to restart pairing process or check status. If your detector has already been paired, the blue light will flash twice.

white.png Waiting for the first result. After a successful setup, it takes 1 hour until the first radon measurement is available. When the Wave is showing a white light, you should expect to get your first readings in an hour.
green.png Air quality is good. If you see a green light, your radon level is below the recommended maximum level. If you have paired the device to a smartphone or tablet and given it the correct location, it will use the national recommended level. If no pairing or location is set it follows the WHO guidance, which is 100Bq/m3 (2.7 pCi/L).
yellow.png Warning. You will get a yellow light if your levels have been above the recommended level, but a longer measurement is needed to get a qualified measurement.
red.png Danger. A red light indicates that measurements are above the recommended level. Actions should be taken to lower radon levels.
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