Wave: Will being color blind be a problem when seeing the rings?

We've had some color blind individuals inform us that they have a hard time seeing the difference between the yellow and green ring. However, they are mostly able to correctly identify the red ring. 

For those who are color blind who only wish to use the Wave without the mobile app, we suggest buying the 'Home' instead. 

If you are comfortable sharing your personal information, GPS etc. and like to use the app, the radon level in the app should make it clear what your radon levels are. In the app, it is also much easier to see the difference between yellow and green. 

We are considering making it so you can adjust the color spectrum in the app, as well as releasing an audio alert. As of the writing of this article (June 16th, 2017), this is not yet available. 

If you are concerned that this might be an issue for you, we suggest you buy the 'Home' instead of the Wave. 

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