Wave: Do I need to create an account and send data to Airthings in order to use the device?

Wave is a smart home device. As most such devices, we want to obtain user data in order to improve our products and offerings. 

You can use the Wave device without a smartphone. In which case, you will still be able to see radon levels via the red, green, and yellow colored ring. However, you will not be able to use features such as audio alerts, exporting data, or seeing how levels change. However, this allows you to use the Wave without submitting any information to Airthings, and you also do not need to create an account. Simply insert the batteries and the device should work without ever being connected to a phone. 

For those that want to use the app, we currently require that you agree to send information to Airthings.

Here is what we normally use this data for: 

  • Obtain data on app crashes and usage patterns so that we can fix errors in the mobile application as well as errors with the device itself. These errors can then be fixed in app updates. In addition, we can update the firmware on the device itself through the app should this be necessary. 

  • Obtain radon levels for regions. We can use radon data for various regions to work with governments and agencies to reduce the instances of lung cancer, as well as informing the public of areas where high radon levels are more prevalent.   

  • Being able to contact you! Without your contact information, we might have a hard time getting in touch with you when you experience a particular problem. 

  • Fix a problem for specific users. If we see that you have an issue, we can in some cases use the mobile data submitted to us in order to diagnose and fix your particular problem. 
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