Does Wave report readings to the mobile app (cloud), even if I have been away from the device?

Wave stores all measurements locally on the device itself for a maximum of 2 years

Whenever your mobile phone is within Bluetooth range, the readings will get sent to your phone. This means Wave keeps measuring for you even when you are not there, and graphs are automatically updated when you return.

It actually goes one step further. If you have two mobile devices connected to Wave, and you always keep one mobile device within Bluetooth range and connected to the internet, then that mobile device will send the measurements to the cloud. You will then be able to get the updated readings directly on the mobile device you carry with you even if you are not within Bluetooth range. 

In short: Having one mobile device connected to the internet as well as Bluetooth close to the Wave, will allow the Wave to send data to any other mobile devices that you have as long as it has internet connectivity. 

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    Xavier Hess


    This is a nice feature, but what about making the same for a desktop application?

    If you have a computer that is running 24/7, having a Bluetooth dongle could catch the signals of the WAVE devices. No need to have an extra mobile device dedicated to this.

    Thanks for considerating this option. :)

    Kind regards.

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    Thanks for this great suggestion Mr. Hess! We will definitely consider this.

    Every feature request that comes in from any source is logged and prioritized. We take user feedback very seriously.

    We are planning several feature updates for Wave, and we have a lot of exciting things coming out in the future! The Wave and its feature will only get better with time.

    Thanks again!

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