Wave: Is Bluetooth radiation bad for my health?

Most of our customers share a concern for radiation. Some wonder if the Bluetooth radiation from the Wave impacts their health. 

The way the internet is currently structured has made it easy for anyone, regardless of their expertise, to share their opinions and views on any topic. These websites can then be found by using search engines such as Google. This partially explains how conspiracy theories, fake news, and misinformation permeates the web. 

If you search for something like "Is Bluetooth radiation bad for my health?" Google will gladly serve up hundreds of search results with websites telling you Bluetooth radiation is bad for you!!

Do not let yourself be fooled. Radon releases ionizing radiation, which damages cell DNA, which can result in cancer. Bluetooth does not release ionizing radiation and is harmless.
We recommend watching this video
on the difference between different radiations and which are dangerous and which are not. Keep in mind many types of radiation are not dangerous. Light itself is also radiation, but almost no-one goes around being scared of the light from a lamp.

We would never put any radiation in our product that would be bad for your health. We have several CERN physicists on our team who have worked directly on radiation technology for many years. We create products that measure dangerous radiation because we want to help people live healthier. 

Bluetooth uses radio waves, similar to those you find on your standard radio. They are not radioactive, and they do not cause any damage to you in any way. Bluetooth radiation has much less power than your standard mobile phone, which also does not release any damaging radiation.

Here you can read the Wikipedia article for Bluetooth health concerns

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