Detector is showing different values than charcoal or Safety Siren Pro

Have you decided to test your Airthings detector by comparing it with a charcoal test or a Safety Siren Pro radon detector in order to get a feel for the accuracy of the device? If so, this article is for you!

You are likely to get different readings! Here is why:
No radon detector or charcoal test is 100% accurate. You should never use a charcoal test or a Safety Siren Pro as a reference because you will not be certain which test is giving you wrong readings.

Here is a detailed article that explains how the accuracy of our devices compares to charcoal tests 

Charcoal tests are likely to give you wrong readings because they are prone to various user errors. In addition, because commercial radon labs have zero regulatory oversight, independent studies show that labs often give wrong results (you can read more about this in the linked article mentioned above). 

Both Safety Siren Pro and Airthings detectors operate within some levels of uncertainty. For the Airthings Home and Wave, you are likely to be within 20% of the actual radon level after 1 week of measuring, and within 10% of the actual radon level after one month of measuring (accuracies at 1 standard deviation measured at 100 Bq/m3). 

These accuracies have been established after comparing the accuracy of our devices in laboratories with the readings of an expensive, industry-standard, AlphaGuard professional radon detector, which has extremely accurate readings of the radon level. 

How do you know which test to trust?
To be honest, you can never be certain. But based on the results of studies we've seen so far, we would recommend that you trust the charcoal test the least. 

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